Nanosilver Post Carbon Cartridge


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  • Final Stage on Reverse Osmosis Units.
  • As a generic replacement for fridges (additional fittings may be required).
  • In-Line Dispenser.

Silver has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal capability, it acts as catalyst that disable the enzyme which viruses, bacteria and fungi needed for their oxygen metabolism, suffocate them without harming human body.

The silver coated activated carbon are designed to eliminate and control the grow of bacteria in the carbon by more than 99.9% effectively.

Nanotechnology is the nano sized particles that measure in nanometers or a billionth of a meter and impregnated into various materials and greatly improve the anti bacteria capability.

Nano silver can prohibits the growth and multiplication of bacteria as well as fungi which makes the product the most advanced and the best sterilizer.

Main functions:
Remove taste, ozone, chlorine and odour.
Remove bacteria and heavy metals.
Remove pesticides.
Remove organic contaminants.
99.9% bacteria removal rate.


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