Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps with Flow Controllers

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Centrifugal Pumps are the most popular and commonly used type of pump for the transfer of fluids. In simple words, it is a pump that uses a rotating impeller to move water or other fluids by using centrifugal force. These are the undisputed pump choice especially for delivering liquid from one location to another in numerous industries including agriculture, municipal (water and wastewater plants), industrial, power generation plants, petroleum, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many others.

Centrifugal Pumps are useful since they can generally handle large quantities of fluids, provide very high flow rates (which may vary with the changes in the Total Dynamic Head (TDH) of the particular piping system) and have the ability to adjust their flow rates over a wide range.

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0.37kW, 0.6kW, 0.75, 1.1kW


PRESS-ACM37(220V), PRESS-ACM60(220V), PRESS-ACM75(220V), PRESS-ACM110(220V)


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