String Wound Filter Cartridge

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String Wound Filter Cartridge

String wound cartridges offer true depth filtration with high dirt holding capacity and extremely low media migration. It is manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process which creates a superior one-piece filter with hundreds of diamond shaped tunnels that get progressively smaller from the outer diameter to the core. Finer particles are progressively trapped as fluids travels to the center of the filter allowing for much greater retention capacity than that which is associated with straight surface filter media of the same dimensions and porosity.


  • Exceptionally high structural strength
  • Fits all standard housings
  • Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity and long service life
  • Loose outer layer and tight inner layer assures effective depth filtration
  • Various filter media and cores  fit a wide range of applications.

Additional information

String Wound Filter Cartridge

10", 20", 30"


0.5Micron, 1Micron, 5Micron, 10Micron, 20Micron, 50Micron, 100Micron


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