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Ultra Filters – Industrial Membranes, Whole House Ultra Filter, Ultra Filter Housings.

Complete double Under counter Unit with ultra filter

The Ultra Filtration Water Purifier system is an excellent alternative to the traditional Reverse Osmosis System.

  • Does not waste water
  • No Storage Tank
  • Works with low pressure
  • Does not require electricity

The Ultra Filtration System is connected to your incoming water supply with a faucet at the sink.

When you open the faucet water runs through the system giving you clean healthy water.

The 5 stage process ensures high quality water.

Incoming water runs through

  • A sediment filter to remove sediment, silt and loose particles.
  • Two Coconut shell activated carbon filters for the removal of chemicals like chlorine and organic contaminants like endocrine disrupting hormones.
  • An ultra-filtration membrane for the removal of bacteria, viruses and fine suspensions.
  • A taste and odour filter to ensure great tasting water.


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